Alex & Justin Got Married in the Hamptons

A wedding is about so much more than the day. It is a celebration of everything that has come before and everything that is still to come. It is about family and love, connection, friendship and even personal expression. This is the story I want my photographs to tell.
To Alex & Justin…I am sure you will fill your dream home with a lifetime of love and laughter.
A huge shout out to my second shooter Priya Patel for being such a rockstar. We make a great team.
It was such a beautiful day and I would like to give credit to all the vendors who made my job so much easier…
Invitations , Programs , Menus and Place cards : Drolet Paperie
Cake – Sugar Sweet by Jackie And Asheley
Catering and Day Of Event Coordinator – Peter Ambrose & Claire Ambrose
Florist - Judy Paul from Moriches Flowers
Lighting : Bistro lights and lightening in the tent
Tents : Sperry Tents
Rentals : Party Rental
Makeup -Lola loves makeup
Hair- Nicole D’angio
DJ - David Swirsky

The Brooklyn Collective Exhibition

This year I wanted to create more. I wanted to build a community of photographic artists and I wanted us to grow together to change the conversation surrounding wedding photography. 

All these things are happening. Hurrah!

The Brooklyn Collective is a partnership between myself and Spencer Lum of Five West Studios. It is my baby and we are having our first group show. I am like a proud doting mother. 

Come check out what we are all about and make the most of the open bar…

WHO: The Brooklyn Collective
Photographers are: Bonnie Burke, Kirra Cheers, Fiona Conrad, Chaz Cruz, Karen Kristian Dickey, Lev Kuperman, Spencer Lum, Vik Manchanda, Katie Osgood, Priya Patel, Lauren Slusher

WHAT: Modern Romance is a living exhibit by The Brooklyn Collective to appear at multiple venues. It is an exploration of the changing cultural LANDSCAPE as technology redefines human interaction and romance. At our inaugural event at the Sky Gallery, we will be exhibiting new collections, all seen for the first time.

WHERE: Sky Gallery in Gowanus, Brooklyn

WHEN: August 4 from 6-9 p.m.

RSVP here:

Sean & Mel

Late last year…I received an email…

“Hi Kirra
You may not remember me but I used to do Life Saving with you at Semaphore Surf Club. I’ll start by saying congratulations on your photography… Your website looks unreal.
I was at an engagement on Saturday night talking to Dave Roberts and he mentioned that you’re a photographer and that you may be in Melbourne early next year. Reason being, my partner Mel and I are getting married in Melbourne on the 8 March 2014 and we’re currently looking for a photographer. Thought I would touch base with you on the off chance that you might be around at that time.
Next time you’re in little old Adelaide you should swing past the surf club – its changed so much in the past couple of years.
 Hope everything is going great for you in the US. Take care.
Sean Teelow
As luck would would have it…I was going to be around and of course I remembered Sean. I grew up at the surf club. Although I hadn’t been back in years, the surf club was an integral part of my childhood. I was always going to shoot the wedding…what a great opportunity to reconnect with my past.
I did swing past  the surf club. It was so great to see old faces and I was humbled that everyone remembered and welcomed me back with open arms. It was a surreal experience to see the boys all grown up with children, wives, partners. It’s funny how life turns a full circle.
Sean and Mel…. thank you for inviting me to capture your day. You make a beautiful couple and if your wedding is an indicator of what’s to come…I feel certain your future will be full of love and happiness – surrounded by family and friends who love you.
For more photos…follow me on instagram at @temptingalice


Dear Donna,

I can’t believe how much life can change in a year. I left for NYC and you met the man of your dreams on the beach, got married and have a beautiful baby on the way. I’m not sure why I am surprised…you are the sun goddess after all.

I was so worried I wouldn’t like Troy. Was he going to be worthy? Would he help you to be a better version of yourself…would he let you shine? I shouldn’t have worried. Troy is aIl that and more. I can tell your connection is real…you can’t fake that – believe me.

It was such an honour to photograph the two of you. Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable. I hope you will cherish the photos for years to come and I can’t wait to capture the next stage in your journey.

Here’s to goddesses!

Love Kirra